Do You Yearn For

        Beauty, Dignity, Silence, and Reverence in the Mass?

            A chance to participate in the Holy Sacrifice in the way of our ancestors in the Faith?

            A sense of Awe and Mystery in Worship?

            Ample Room for Recollection and Private Prayer?


            Facts about the Traditional Latin Mass:

        It has for centuries been celebrated in this manner throughout the world.

        Is has been both approved and encouraged by Blessed John Paul II.

        It is encouraged by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.

        It can be legitimately requested from your Bishop.


            The Traditional Latin Mass is now the only form of Mass available to us in which all these qualities abound, and where every word spoken, every gesture performed by the priest as he offers the Divine Victim to the Heavenly Father is perfectly attuned to this supreme act of worship.  According to Christian Tradition, reverence is fundamental to worship as it increases a sense of the sacred and allows us to 'see' the eternal and the supernatural.  Cardinal Newman said that "anyone who does not fear and revere has not known the  reality of God."  It is also true that reverence for the traditional form of worship and fear of abandoning it are fundamental to the continuity of the Faith.  "Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi (As we pray, so we come to believe) sums up the Church's centuries-old wisdom.  This is the tried and tested method which has inspired countless saints and martyrs, fostered devotion to the Mass among successive generations of the faithful, increased vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and attracted converts in unrivalled numbers.


        Why Use Latin?

        It has been the consistent teaching of many Popes that Latin has special qualities as a language of worship in the Roman Rite.

        Hallowed by a tradition of 16 centuries, it is a token of the timeless nature of the liturgy, as it links us in a common identity with our ancestors in the Faith who prayed in the self-same words.

        A single language of worship, uniting many nations, is a symbol of the visible universality and unity of the Church.  The use of Latin unites us all in a bond of unity with our common centre, Rome, "The Mother and Teacher of all Nations."

Set apart from worldly associations, it is capable of enhancing spirituality, and is therefore a most suitable medium of adoration, devotion, and mystery.

It is a language which, unlike the vernacular, does not continue to evolve, and so it preserves the orthodox and meaning of the Mass from the danger of corruption through perpetual change.


The Mass is a Sacrifice

        The essence of the Mass is the Sacrifice of the Cross made present each day upon our altars and offered to God as a Sacrifice of propitiation for the souls of the living and the dead.  For this purpose Christ gave His Apostles and their successors in the priesthood the power to bring about the change of bread and wine into His Sacred Body and Blood and offer this Sacrifice to the Heavenly Father.


        The Mystery of Faith

        This was the Faith of the Apostolic Church which received it from Christ Himself and, in steadfast adherence to divine Revelation, passed it on in a chain of Tradition which constantly mirrors the mind of Christ.  This, therefore, is the essence of our Faith, the touchstone of orthodoxy regarding the true nature of the Mass.


The Holiest of All Sacrifices

        It is precisely because the Mass is a supremely sacred action of infinite value, being the offering of the Divine Victim to the Heavenly Father, outweighing in merit all other actions and prayers, that the celebration of the traditional Roman Mass has always been invested with the greatest possible reverence, order, and dignity.


"Where Your Treasure is...

        .....there is your heart also."  These words of Jesus remind us that we are shaped and fashioned by what we love the most.  Those who treasure the traditional way of celebrating Mass can appreciate its impact on our spiritual lives.  By increasing fervor and setting our hearts on fire with love for the Holy Sacrifice, the traditional prayers, rituals and music induce the proper dispositions for us to benefit from the infinite graces bestowed by Almighty God through devout participation in the Mass.

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