Saint Augustine Bishop Praises Extraordinary Form,
Blesses Una Voce Northeast Florida's Labor of Love


Saint Augustine, FL - Our recently appointed Bishop of Saint Augustine, FL  Msgr.
Felipe J. Estevez has issued a letter blessing the efforts of our Northeast
Florida chapter of Una Voce, a prestigious international Catholic organization,
recognized by the Holy See, dedicated to promoting love for the Traditional Latin
Mass, traditional sacramental rites, and Gregorian chant.
In his letter, Bishop Estevez affirms: "You have my blessing for your
organization, and for its efforts to educate the faithful and to preserve access
to the beauty and deep spirituality of the Extraordinary Form of our Roman
We are all humbled and enthused by His Excellency, Bishop Estevez's blessing of
Una Voce's labor of love on behalf of the Church and Her Traditions, as well as
the bishop's moving praise of the Traditional Latin Mass or Extraordinary Form of
the Roman liturgy.

Bishop Estevez's letter eloquently expresses his unequivocal commitment to
faithfully implement in his diocese Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Propio, Summorum
. In this Motu Proprio, the Holy Father praises the Traditional Latin
Mass as a "great treasure of the Church" and upholds the right of all Catholics to
celebrate Holy Mass in this extraordinary form.

About Una Voce Northeast Florida
Una Voce Northeast Florida, Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapter (UVNF), is an affiliate
of Una Voce International Federation, a highly respected Catholic organization
founded in Rome in 1966 with chapters throughout the world. Una Voce, Latin for
"With One Voice," is officially recognized by the Holy See for lovingly promoting
the universal restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass, traditional sacramental
rites, and Gregorian chant. For more information about UVNF, please see


The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators, but
traditionalists. St. Pope Pius X



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